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A Story Steeped in Sound

Scott Anthony and Lori Stancati combine the magic ingredients of talent, passion, drive and experience to create the unique sound of SWEET TEA ACOUSTIC DUO.


Sweet Tea Acoustic Duo covers music from the 60’s to current day with a wide variety of genres, including top 40, classic rock, soft rock, dance, jazz standards, dinner music presented in a stripped down acoustic version. The duo has played wine bars, breweries, restaurants, cocktail hours, weddings,  corporate functions and many private events.


Lori Stancati is a professionally trained singer with a bachelor's degree in music from The Berklee College of Music. She has been performing live and in the studio for the past 20 years. Her televised performances include, The National Anthem for the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, along with local tv performances. Lori’s vocal versatility, range and vocal power  bring an exceptional sound to Sweet Tea Acoustic Duo.


Scott Anthony has been performing guitar live, touring and in the recording studio for the past 20 years. He has been featured both on radio and television. He is a well rounded musician with extensive talents not only in electric and acoustic guitar but in the bass guitar and vocals. Scott brings a wonderful blend of fingerpicking acoustic style, vocal harmonies and percussive sounds to Sweet Tea Acoustic Duo.


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