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Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of events do you perform at?

We perform at many types of events, including wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, receptions, in home private parties, backyard parties, birthday parties, corporate functions, etc.

What type of music do you play?

We play a variety of genres. Classic rock, dinner music, top 40, soft rock, dance, pop, country, etc. We give each event a nice mix of music and are able to gage the guests as to what they would like to hear.

How much do you charge?

Our prices are based on the length of your event, the equipment needed, and the distance we have to travel. We have competitve and affordable rates and we can work to meet your budget.

Can I request a song to be performed at my event?

Yes! We will learn a song request that is not in our catalogue at no cost to you. Any additional requests (not in our catalog) will incur a small charge.

Can you supply music for adjoining rooms?

Yes we can. We are able to extend a speaker to an adjoining room for your guests to enjoy.

Do you use quality equipment?

All of our equipment is of professional grade, using only the highest quality mixing board and speakers to give you and your guests a professional sound.

Will the music be too loud while my guests are trying to converse to one another?

Absolutely not. We keep the sound at a low room volume while your guests are eating or coversing. Once we feel out the ambiance we will be able to pick up the sound to a different volume and adjust accordingly. Our goal is to keep everyone happy not to over power the room with sound.

What happens when the band takes a break?

During our short breaks, we will supply appropriate music over the p.a., so there will never be a moment without music at the event.

What do I need to supply for the band?

We provide everything to make your event the best it could possibly be! However, we do require a few things from our clients. A clean, dry,  level area to perform, protection from excessive sun, rain or moisture and an outlet within 15 feet of reach and we are good to go!



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