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We're more than just a duo. We offer trio, 4-piece options and light Dj-ing services.


Every couple is different with a unique story. That's why we treat every wedding different, to your story, to your love song. We craft a set list to fit your day specifically to you and your parter, giving your wedding that personal touch.
You will only speak to us/You will only get middle agent.. what you see on our videos is what you get. Not a different singer, not a different guitarist... no surprises on that day.

From the time you book us to the day we arrive...we will be available for questions, concerns or just to be in touch. We will work together finding your perfect love story song list...

We are beautifully strumming guitar as your guests arrive, sweetly performing the processional, bride entrance, 
recessional, to the moment you have your united kiss. 
We also have the option to provide sound through our PA for you, your partner and your officiant so your guests can perfectly hear you during the vows.

~Cocktail Hour~
As your guests are chatting, celebrating, drinking and eating...we will be setting an elegant atmosphere and mood through the beauty of music.

Depending on what your needs are...
If you're looking to give your reception that extra groove, we always recommend adding percussion to the mix. This will enhance every song with a fuller sound musically and adding three part vocal harmony. 
We also provide "light DJ-ing" services to add variety to the reception.

** for receptions with over 50 guests, we recommend choosing our electric band option. (see videos below or click the trio/4 piece band tab)


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